Project Ultra

The more brutal, long or arduous the event is the more I like the sound of it, or maybe it needs to be something I think is out of reach to truly give me the motivation to get out of bed and train for it. An olympic triathlon just wasn’t going to cut it. Ironman was what inspired me. Seeing women killing it down the Queen K highway on TT bikes, tailed by helicopters, looking like something out of a batman movie was what got me to sign up.

And running seems to be no different. I have run my fair few 10ks, half marathons and even a couple of full marathons but I can’t seem to summon up the energy to run another middle distance road race. I need something more extreme. 

An ultra marathon has been on my bucket list for years and I even signed up for a 50k race last year and never ended up getting there. So it’s back on. I've signed up for the Race to the stones Race in July. 

The pics from the past couple years races are on my desktop as motivation and I am going to make a plan of how I am going to train for it this evening. The game is on!

Some pics from last years race:

Tanya Holbrook