Trend: Summer Shade


This summer's photography style that’s picking up momentum


Bright sunshine and foliage shadows are everywhere at the moment. Imagine everything you design is hiding from the midday sun under a palm or exotic fruit tree. Palm leaves, foliage and succulents have moved from being features on sets and flat lays to the side to provide shadows and details across our designs. It’s a nice way to add some interest to a minimal design without over powering it or influencing the style and adds a little wanderlust when those of u in the Northern hemisphere are mourning the summer and wishing we were still in the sun.




It’s easy enough to do at home with some branches or even cutting out some shapes from paper, as long as you have some bright sunshine streaming in through your windows. It’s almost impossible to do without lighting if it’s overcast. The alternative is downloading pre-made mockups which is a lot faster and almost idiot proof if you don’t have great photoshop skills but with this style gaining popularity your work may end up looking as lovely as everyone else’s.

More examples on my pinterest board “Summer Shade”